The continuous enhancement of our quality standards has been, from the company’s outset, the constant dynamic allowing us to adapt to the growing needs of our customers and the regulatory requirements of all the markets in which we work.

In this regard, since the advent of the European standard for the CE marking of structures (EN1090), SCS obtained the maximum certification, the EXC4 level, allowing us to make any type of metal structure according to the most demanding design and manufacturing criteria.

At SCS we view quality not only as a requirement to be met, but also as a stimulus to improve the company and allow us to become leaders through our ability to respond to the new challenges posed by our customers. In this regard, SCS works pursuant to the ISO9001 standard.

SCS has the most advanced machinery to carry out any type of project, delivering the highest levels of quality. We possess numerical control equipment for the cutting and machining of beams, and oxyfuel, plasma and plate drilling machinery.